Optimizing the management of advanced breast cancer in the Asia–Pacific region: Role of clinical trials and treatment guidelines


  • Conflict of Interest: No conflict of interest has been declared by Shin-Cheh Chen. Alex Yuang-Chi Chang has received research funding and acted as Advisor to AstraZenneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer and Wyeth.

Dr Shin-Cheh Chen, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Department of Surgery, 199 Tung Hwa North Road, Taipei, Taiwan.
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There is an urgent need to identify the best ways to manage breast cancer in women in the Asia–Pacific region. It is increasingly recognized that disease patterns, efficacy and toxicities of various treatment regimens, differ between Asia–Pacific women and women in the West. Despite these differences, breast cancer treatment in the Asia–Pacific region often follows evidence-based treatment guidelines based on Western clinical trials. To obtain the best possible outcomes in the Asia–Pacific region, country-specific breast cancer clinical trials and registries are crucial. Findings should be integrated into country-specific consensus treatment guidelines. These measures would facilitate the best choice of drugs, the optimal doses, and the optimal schedules for treating women with breast cancer in the Asia–Pacific region.