In our recent article “A Foreign Policy Analysis of the “German Question”: Ostpolitik Revisited” which appeared in Volume 3 Issue 3 of Foreign Policy Analysis we referenced the following publication; “BOEKLE, HENNING, VOLKER RITTBERGER, and WOLFGANG WAGNER. (2001) Constructivist Foreign Policy Theory. In German Foreign Policy since Unification: Theories and Case Studies. Manchester: Manchester University Press.”

In the course of compiling the bibliographic noted for the paper the Authors omitted to recognise Prof. Dr. Volker Rittberger as the Editor of that particular volume.

The authors of this article acknowledge the omission of the editor’s name in this reference and apologise for any offence this may have caused the editor or his co-authors of the chapter referenced. No such offence was intended to either the editor or his co-authors, nor did the authors of this article intend to mislead the readers of FPA about the material they were drawing on in creating the theoretical framework for their article.