Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Health Care Reform at the Intersection of Law and Ethics


  • Joshua E. Perry

    Assistant Professor of Business Law and Ethics and Life Sciences Research Fellow
    1. Kelley School of Business, Indiana University–Bloomington
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    • I am grateful for the contributions of a variety of people. First, I owe a hearty thanks to Daniel Cahoy, Joan Gabel, Stephanie Greene, Ann Morales Olazábal, Robert Thomas, David Orozco, Norman Bishara, and Amy Sepinwall for helpful comments on a very early draft presented at the American Business Law Journal Invited Scholars Colloquium held at the 2010 Academy of Legal Studies in Business national conference in Richmond, Virginia. Additionally, I am grateful to my colleagues in the Kelley School's Department of Business Law and Ethics, who offered detailed, thoughtful feedback on a more evolved draft in the context of our department's faculty research workshop. Finally, the paper was improved in a variety of ways by the nimble editorial efforts of Robert Sprague. I am indebted to these generous and constructive scholars.