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Inverse Enclosure: Abdicating the Green Technology Landscape


  • Daniel R. Cahoy

  • Thanks to Josh Sarnoff, David Orozco, Lynda Oswald, Raghu Garud, Zhen Lei, Joel Gehman, Lucien Dhooge, Wade Chumney, Seletha Butler, Karie Davis-Nozemack, Arn Rubinoff, and the intellectual property law session attendees at the 2011 meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business in New Orleans for advice and feedback on this article. Thanks to Konstantinos Karachalio and Berthold Rutz of the European Patent Office for information on developing intellectual property scenarios and search strategies. Thanks to Menno van der Veen and Estelle Derclaye for related workshopping of research on intellectual property and climate change. And special thanks to Matt Marler for his work in constructing the search strings and data collections used in this article.