Male Survivors' Perspectives of Incest/Sexual Abuse


  • Susan L. Ray MScN, RN

    Corresponding author
    1. A clinical Nurse Specialist and Clinical Instructor, London Psychiatric Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada.
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PURPOSE. To show how understanding the aftereffects of incest and other forms of sexual abuse from male survivors' perspectives may help clinicians identify males with a possible history of sexual abuse.

METHODS. Audiotaped interviews with 25 male survivors described the aftereffects in eight life areas. Data were analyzed by the double-coding qualitative method.

FINDINGS. Themes identified included isolation, anger, depression/suicidal feelings, addictions, or low sense of self, and distant relationships with men and women.

CONCLUSIONS. Clinicians need to explore the possibility of a history of sexual abuse with males who seek treatment for addictions, suicidal ideation, depression, and chronic low self-esteem.