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Women With ADHD: It Is an Explanation, Not the Excuse Du Jour


  • Roberta Waite EdD, APRN, CNS-BC

    1. Roberta Waite, EdD, APRN, CNS-BC, is Assistant Professor, Drexel University, Interdisciplinary Research Unit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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PURPOSE.  To call attention to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a psychiatric disorder that can limit women's potential and overall well-being.

CONCLUSION.  ADHD, a legitimate neurobiological disorder that is often hidden, ignored, or misdiagnosed among women, causes them to struggle in silence. Proper interventions for women with ADHD that provide significant attention to context mitigate challenges across psychological, academic, occupational, and social domains. This should amend the diagnosis du jour concept, thereby supporting mechanisms to improve early intervention and positive outcomes.

PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS.  Primary care practitioners play a central role in recognition, intervention, and recovery of women with ADHD.