• Activities of daily living;
  • caregiver;
  • nursing home care;
  • schizophrenia

PURPOSE:  The study aims to assess the impact of personalized in-home nursing care plans on the degree of dependence among adult patients with schizophrenia, and on family burden.

DESIGN AND METHODS:  This is a randomized controlled study with 94 participants: The experimental group received a personalized in-home nursing care plan. The comparison group got a standard care at its mental health center.

FINDINGS:  The pretest–posttest multivariate analysis of covariance revealed statistically significant group differences (p= .003). The help received the positive activity and the degree of independence in the experimental group improved mainly due to intervention.

PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS:  A personalized in-home nursing care plan improves the degree of independence of people diagnosed with schizophrenia living in the community and reduces the burden perceived by the family.