• Child abuse;
  • Parent training;
  • STEP

PROBLEM. To examine the effects of a structured, time-limited parent training group on abusive or potentially abusive parents.

METHODS. A pretest-posttest control group design was used with consenting parents IN = 28) to examine the efects of Systematic Training for Efective Parenting (STEP) on abusive parents' perceptions of their children's behaviors and on the parents' potential to physically abuse. The Adlerian Parental Assessment of Child Behavior Scale and the Child Abuse Potential Invent0 y were used to measure treatment efects.

FINDINGS. After participating in STEI? abusive parents had significantly more positive perceptions of their children and were significantly less potentially abusive. Using volunteers, the project cost an average of $200 for each parent.

CONCLUSIONS. The research lends empirical support to individuul psychology and family systems theory. Future research is indicated using larger samples to examine lay us. professional leadership of the groups, as well as comparisons of diferent parenting programs with abusive parents.