Open Trial of Bupropion SR in Adolescent Major Depression


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PROBLEM There are few studies of sustained-release bupropion in adolescents with major depression.

METHODS Twenty-one adolescents with DSM-IV major depression were recruited through advertisement and self-referral; 11 began study medication and were rated weekly with an expanded Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (SIGH-SAD), as well as Clinical Global Impression-Improvement (CGI-I).

RESULTS Of 11 subjects enrolled, 8 completed an8-week trial of bupropion SR. Mean baseline SIGH-SAD scores of 31–3 decreased significantly by 74% to mean endpoint score of 8–2. Improvement on CGI-I that agreed closely between raters and patients was found in 8 of 11 subjects (72.3%). The mean daily dose of bupropion SR was 362 mg ± 52 mg and was well tolerated; insomnia and weight loss were experienced by 55%; other adverse effects of dry mouth, headache, agitation, light-headedness, diarrhea, or rash were noted in a minority of subjects.

CONCLUSIONS In this preliminary, small open study, depressed adolescents showed a marked response to bupropion SR.