• Child psychiatry;
  • nursing;
  • continuing education;
  • efficacy of psychiatric nursing education in India

PROBLEM: Program evaluation of the effectiveness of two continuing nursing education programs (CNE) in child psychiatry in India.

METHODS: Pre- and postevaluation of a total of 51 nurses attending a 10-day CNE program, using a 30-item (six-domain) questionnaire according to CNE topics in child psychiatry.

FINDINGS: The CNE program resulted in significant increase in the total scores as well as scores in several sub-domains in the field of child psychiatry.

CONCLUSIONS: In a country that does not offer degree programs that integrate psychiatric nursing into the curriculum, CNE programs are an important educational option for nurses. The CNE program offered in this study, comprising lectures, discussion, interactive sessions, and case demonstrations totaling 60 hr across 10 days, was effective in improving the level of knowledge of nurses. It was equally beneficial for senior as well as less experienced nurses.