• Adolescent development;
  • teen parenting;
  • teen pregnancy

PROBLEM:  What is the comparative impact of a second pregnancy prevention program for teen mothers on those who graduate from the program compared with a sample of young mothers of similar age and social circumstances who did not participate in the program?

METHODS:  Fifteen program graduates and 20 nonprogram cohorts were surveyed regarding a range of life domains.

FINDINGS:  Data indicated that program graduates were on a more positive life course: greater primary responsibility for housing and utilities, greater higher education enrollment, more job stability, and greater focus on career goals.

CONCLUSION:  The differences demonstrate the value of programs designed to assist teen mothers through the challenges of parenting and their own adolescent development. Teen mothers who received these resources became more capable, happier, and confident, which in turn will make them better parents and more empowered to pursue their own personal development.