New Diagnosis: Caregiver Role Strain



Caregiver role strain is a new diagnosis accepted by NANDA in 1992. The diagnosis is a well-described family phenomenon that can be measured and predicted. Sources of variance for the various defining characteristics have been identified. The diagnosis is also important to society. Nurses can play a significant part in reducing the role strain caregivers feel or preventing its occurrence.


Caregiver role strain is an important diagnosis to add to the nursing taxonomy. It is a phenomenon that has been well-described and studied from many perspectives. It can be measured and identified by nurses. It can be predicted, and interventions can be instituted to diminish its effects or decrease the likelihood of its onset. It is a diagnosis that has boundaries and can be distinguished from other kinds of family problems related to health and illness of family members. It is also a significant issue in society that needs to be addressed by nurses working in many settings and roles.