PURPOSE. To analyze the degree to which standardized nursing language was used by baccalaureate nursing students completing Outcome-Present State-Test (OPT) model worksheets in a clinical practicum.

METHODS. A scoring instrument was developed and 100 worksheets were retrospectively analyzed.

FINDINGS. NANDA nursing diagnoses were correctly stated in 92% of the OPT models. Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) outcomes were explicitly stated in 22%, and implied in 72%. Interventions matched appropriate Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) activities in 61%.

CONCLUSIONS. NANDA, NIC, and NOC (NNN) language was used inconsistently by students in this sample.

IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE. If NNN language is to advance nursing knowledge, its promotion, representation in curriculum development, and active use is necessary. Educational research is needed on the facilitators and barriers to NNN language use.