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Health/Illness Transition and Telehealth: A Concept Analysis Using the Evolutionary Method


  • Michelle Marineau, PhD(c), APRN, is a clinician-researcher at Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu, Hawaii, is an Assistant Professor at the Hawaii Pacific University, and a Doctoral student at the University of Hawaii.

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TOPIC. Telehealth as an alternative to hospitalization.

PURPOSE. Exploring the health/illness transition that occurs when an acutely ill client may be discharged into the home with telehealth in place of hospitalization or in an effort to promote an earlier discharge from the hospital.

SOURCE. Published literature.

CONCLUSION. The concept of the health/illness transition using telehealth has not been researched. Qualitative methods of research using interviews could enhance the knowledge in selecting appropriate individuals and nursing interventions to enhance the clients’ transition from the hospital to the home with telehealth.