• We wish to express our deep-felt appreciation and to acknowledge the vitally important contributions of the late Dr. N. Kent Eaton to Project A. He served as the first Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) for the project and as Chief of the Selection and Classification Technical Area at the Army Research Institute, which sponsored the project. He was a highly competent psychologist of great energy and dedication. Much of the project's success was because of his effort. We all will remember him for it.

  • Special thanks are also due to Dr. Lawrence M. Hanser and Dr. Darlene M. Olson, who succeeded Dr. Eaton as Project CORs, and to the many other scientists at ARI who contributed so much to this effort.

  • Finally, Project A would not ever have begun without the work of Dr. Joyce Shields, now at Hay Systems. While she was at ARI, she was instrumental in developing the basic form of the project and securing the necessary commitment and funding that made the Request for Proposals possible.

  • The research reported here was funded by the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Contract No. MDA903-82-C-0531. All statements expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions or policies of the U.S. Army Research Institute or the Department of the Army.

Requests for reprints for some or all papers in this issue should be addressed to Mr. James Harris, Project Director, HumRRO, 1100 S. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314.


This paper serves as an introduction and background for the remaining papers in this issue, which describe in somewhat more detail the major pieces in the Army's Selection and Classification Project (Project A). The principal objectives, the methods being used, and the basic research design of Project A are outlined. Project A was a 7-year effort conducted by the Army Research Institute and a consortium of three research firms. The overall objective was to generate the instrumentation and validity information data base that are necessary for modeling and developing an organization-wide selection and classification system. Both the scientific and practical implications of the project are noted.