Book Review Section


Book reviewed in this article:

Jan Maarten Schraagen, Susan F. Chipman, and Valerie Shalin (Editors). Cognitive Task Analysis.

Kevin Kruse and Jason Keil. Technology-Based Training: The Art and Science of Design, Development and Delivery.

Frederic M. Hudson. The Handbook of Coaching: A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Managers, Executives, Consultants, and Human Resource Professionals.

Judith Hale. Performance-Based Certification: How to Design a Valid, Defensible, Cost-Effective Program.

Robert E. Cole. Managing Quality Fads: How American Business Learned How to Play the Qualify Game.

Jonathan I. Klein. Corporate Failure by Design: Why Organizations Are Built to Fail.

The Process of Business/Environmental Collaborations: Partnering for Sustainability

Evan M. Dudik. Strategic Renaissance: New Thinking and Innovative Tools to Create Great Corporate Strategies.

Rita Gorawara-Bhat. The Social and Spatial Ecology of Work: The Case of a Survey Research Organization.

James R. Barker. The Discipline of Teamwork: Participation and Concertive Control.

Mike Johnson. Winning the People Wars: Talent and the Battle for Human Capital.

Elsie Y. Cross. Managing Diversity: The Courage to Lead.

M.P. Quirk and P.M. Fandt. The 2nd Language of Leadership.

Kay Hammer. Workplace Warrior: Insights and Advice for Winning on the Corporate Battlefield.

Frank-Jürgen Richter (Editor). The Dragon Millennium: Chinese Business in the Coming World Economy.

Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger. The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual.

Al Gini. My Job, My Self: Work and the Creation of the Modern Individual.

Michael J.A. Howe. Genius Explained.

Aaron Ben-Ze'ev. The Subtlety of Emotions.

Glenn D. Walters. Beyond Behavior: Construction of an Overarching Psychological Theory of Lifestyles.

Charles Woodruffe. Development and Assessment Centres: Identifying and Assessing Competence.

Robert Rosenthal, Ralph L. Rosnow, and Donald Rubin. Contrasts and Effect Sizes in Behavioral Research: A Correlational Approach.