Effect of seed treatment on emergence of peas



Experiments carried out during the carry months of four consecutive years lead to the following conclusions: (1) high soil moisture accentuates the pre-emergence damping-off of peas; (2) a useful measure of disease control is obtained by dressing the seed with red cuprous oxide or an organic mercurial preparation. The addition of a sticker is undesirable with both fungicides; (3) whereas cuprous oxide has, more often than not, exceeded the mercurial preparation in giving increased emergence, the latter has the advantage of reducing the amount of seed-borne (Ascochyta) disease. In addition, the danger of an overdose is less with the mercurial preparation than with cuprous oxide; (4) the presence of a growth-promoting substance in a mercurial preparation gave no increased beneficial effect, as regards emergence, vigour of growth, or reduced liability to phytoddal damage.