• Polymyxa graminis;
  • Polymyxa betae;
  • host range;
  • barley mild mosaic virus;
  • Hordeum spp


The host range of isolates of Polymyxa was tested in mono-fungal sand cultures. Fourteen isolates of P. graminis, obtained from barley, wheat, oats or Poa annua and from several different countries, all infected barley and all but one infected wheat. Rye was also a good host, whereas oats (nine cultivars), Lolium multiflorum and Poa pratensis became only slightly infected. Wheat cultivars differed in susceptibility, with Galahad much more resistant than Avalon. Several common weed and pasture grasses were not infected by the two isolates tested. A range of wild Hordeum spp. were mostly susceptible to P. graminis and/or barley mild mosaic virus, which it transmits. An isolate of P. betae, used for comparison, caused slight infection on oats but not on other cereals. The variation within and between species of Polymyxa needs more detailed investigation.