Design and Fabrication of a Nitrogen Monoxide Measurement Device Based on Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics



The measurement of nitrogen monoxide (NO) concentration levels is an integral part of the elemental analysis. The chemiluminescent reaction with ozone in the gas phase is a well established method for the measurement of atmospheric concentration levels in the range from 4 ppb up to 100 ppm. In this contribution we present the design of a so called micro total analytical system for NO measurements designed in ceramic. Low temperature co-fired ceramics have proven to be the ideal technology, since they offer high chemical and thermal stability as well as a high degree of freedom of design. The microfluidic system consists of three components: a dielectric barrier discharge device creating ozone, a reaction chamber with a glass window for collecting the emitted radiation, and an exhaust gas treatment consisting of a heated Pt catalyst structure. The contribution focuses on a dielectric barrier for the ozone generator capable of withstanding 600 h of continuous operation, a manufacturing method for gas tight and vacuum proof sealing of cavities, and experimental results utilizing a Pt conductor paste as a catalyst.