Improvement on Relative Permittivity of Inkjet-Printed BaTiO3–Resin Hybrid Film by Manipulating Ceramic Powder Size-Distribution


  • This work was supported by the core material development program, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea under Grant (M2007010011).


BaTiO3–resin hybrid composite is one of the most promising candidates for the embedded capacitors. We utilized the inkjet printing to prepare BaTiO3–resin hybrid film. In order to extract the maximum relative permittivity from the hybrid films, the following aspects were investigated: (1) the effect of BaTiO3 powder size on the relative permittivity of inkjet-printed films and (2) the improvement of the packing density by using two different sizes of BaTiO3 powders resulting in the increase in relative permittivity. The microstructures of the films were investigated to confirm the improvement on the packing density and their effects on the relative permittivity.