Porous Sintered Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitrides with Dual-Sized Pore Channel using Presintered Si-Additive Mixture Granules


  • This research project was supported by the Korea Institute of Materials Science, a subsidiary branch of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials.



Porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitrides (SRBSNs) with wide pore channels were fabricated using Si-additive mixture granules. By increasing the strength through the presintering of the as-spray-dried granules, conventional uniaxial pressing was employed for the shaping while retaining the spherical granule morphology. The formation of wide intergranular (≥10 μm) and narrow intragranular (<1 μm) pore channels led to high porosity (≥50%) without the blending of fugitive. Both the widest pore channel (10.4 μm) and the highest permeability (κ = 0.3*10−12 m2) were measured using dm (mean diameter) = 76.5 μm granule.