Glass Additive Influence on the Sintering Behaviors, Magnetic and Electric Properties of Bi–Zn Co-Doped Co2Y Ferrites



The Bi2O3–B2O3–ZnO–SiO2 (BB35SZ) glass effects on the sintering behavior and magnetic properties of Bi–Zn co-doped Co2Y ferrites were investigated in developing low-temperature-fired ferrites. The results indicate that BB35SZ glass can be used as a sintering aid to reduce the densification temperature of Co2Y ferrites from 1300°C to 900°C. The 2(Ba0.9Bi0.1O)·2(Zn0.4Co0.4Cu0.2O)·6(Fe1.97Zn0.03O3) ferrite with 4 wt% BB35SZ glass can be densified below 900°C, exhibiting an initial permeability of 3.4 and quality factor of 55. This process provides a promising candidate for multilayer chip magnetic devices for microwave applications.