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Water-Soluble Binder System Based on Poly-Methyl Methacrylate and Poly-Ethylene Glycol for Injection Molding of Large-Sized Ceramic Parts



Water debinding technique was applied in preparing injection molded large-sized parts. The results showed that the origin of cracking and blistering defects was the swelling from polyethylene glycols of folded chain crystal. The combination of polyethylene glycols with molecular weight 600 and 4000 could ensure both debinding quality and green body strength. It was shown that higher than 20% of insoluble backbone binder was sufficient to resist the stress from swelling. For the compact with length sale of 3.14 mm (the ratio of volume to surface area), approximately 65% of polyethylene glycols were leached after 22 h at 40°C.

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