BaIn 0.3 Ti 0.7 O 2.85/ BaIn 0.3 Ti 0.7 O 2.85-Ni Electrolyte/Anode Half Cell for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Prepared by Reactive Sintering



BaIn 0.3 Ti 0.7 O 2.85 ( BIT07 )/ BIT07 -Ni electrolyte/anode half cell was prepared by reactive sintering for solid oxide fuel cells. The precursors were BaCO3 , In2O3 , and TiO2 for electrolyte and BaCO3 , In2O3 , TiO2 , NiO , and carbon black for anode. The bi-layers were prepared by a multilayer tape casting and co-firing method. The compositions and microstructures of the phases were studied by X-ray powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, respectively. The electrolytes were dense with pure perovskite phase with a thickness about 15 μm. The anodes were porous and no obvious reaction was found between NiO and the precursors of BIT07 .