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Densification, Crystallization, and Dielectric Properties of AlN, BN, and Si3N4 Filler-Containing LTCC Materials



Glass composite dielectrics consisting of calcium aluminoborosilicate glass and nitride fillers such as aluminum nitride, boron nitride, and silicon nitride (AlN, BN, and Si3N4) were investigated. Densification and crystallization behavior depended on the type of filler, filler content, and firing temperature. AlN was most promising in generating desirable densification and dielectric properties (k of ~7.2 and tanδ of ~0.003) at 850°C with progressive crystallization of common anorthite phase. BN tended to show no significant densification and suppression of crystallization. Si3N4 resulted in abnormal behavior of densification, which can be highlighted with certain expansion at higher temperatures, as well as unexpected crystallization of CaSiO3 and CaAl2SiO6.

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