Figure S1. Main entry page for Brassica instance of InterStoreDB.

Figure S2. The CropStoreDB QTL display highlighting the QTL available for erucic acid content with MS-Excel spreadsheet for downloading the details.

Figure S3. The CropStoreDB genetic map interface for linkage map BnaTNDH_01_2006a with map details available as MS-Excel download and links to CMAP via `view map' link.

Figure S4. Graphic of Brassica napus genetic map BnaTNDH_01_2006a in CMAP. Blue features represent QTL, other features represent different genetic marker types. To view the corresponding markers for linkage group A08 select `M' identified by the black circle.

Figure S5. The CMAP correspondence matrix displaying common markers between A08 from genetic map BnaTNDH_01_2006a and Brassica rapa sequenced genome (highlighted by the black circle). Numbers show the number of correspondences (and maps) between each marker.

Figure S6. CMAP graphic displaying markers with correspondence between Bna_TNDH_01_2006a and Brassica rapa chromosomes A08,A09,A02. To view only correspondence between chromosome A08 select the `L' highlighted by the black circle.

Figure S7. The CMAP graphic shows correspondence between genetic map BnaTNDH_01_2006a and Brassica rapa chromosome A08. Markers with correspondence are shown in red, genes in green and QTL in light blue. The key gene involved in erucic acid synthesis (FAE1) is highlighted in yellow.

Figure S8. CMAP view of genetic map feature `Ra2E12' with links to BrassEnsembl genome browser and alignment details in AlignStoreDB.

Figure S9. BrassEnsembl displaying details for Bra034635 with annotation for fatty acid elongase, a key gene involved in erucic acid synthesis.

Figure S10. This AlignStoreDB table displays alignment details for the genetic marker Ra2E12. Highlighted by the black circle is the link to the respective entry within SeqStoreDB.

Figure S11. This SeqStoreDB table shows the details available for the genetic marker Ra2E12, displaying sequence source and download links.

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