A Case Report of Interferon β Monotherapy for High Hepatitis C Viral Load in Dialysis Patients


Dr Fumitaka Nakajima, Department of Nephrology, Kadoma Keijinkai Clinic, 26-3 Dohyamacho, Kadoma 571-0059, Japan. Email: fumitaka@mti.biglobe.ne.jp


Abstract:  A 42-year-old male dialysis patient was infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), and treated with interferon β (IFN-β) for a rapid increase in viral load. After dialysis three times a week, 3 million units of IFN-β were intravenously infused for 1 h. The treatment was markedly effective, and the virus was eliminated in the sixth week. Therapy was continued for 24 weeks, and HCV negativity has been maintained for more than 6 months after the completion of administration. The blood IFN level slowly decreased immediately after administration. The mean trough level was 37 U/mL, and the half-life was 65 min. No adverse event requiring discontinuation of the treatment occurred, showing that IFN alone may safely eliminate the virus in dialysis patients with high hepatitis C viral load. Many dialysis patients are latently infected with HCV, and the infection affects the prognosis. Therefore, establishment of a therapeutic method is urgently needed.