• methods: analytical;
  • methods: data analysis;
  • surveys;
  • galaxies: clusters: general;
  • galaxies: high-redshift;
  • galaxies: photometry


We present the first cluster catalogue extracted from the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) Early Data Release. The catalogue is created using UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey infrared J and K data combined with 3.6- and 4.5-μm Spitzer bands and optical BVRiz′ imaging from the Subaru Telescope over 0.5 deg2 in the Subaru XMM–Newton Deep Field. We have created a new cluster detection algorithm, based on the friends-of-friends and Voronoi tessellation methods, which utilizes probability distribution functions derived from a photometric redshift analysis. We employ mock catalogues to understand the selection effects and contamination associated with the algorithm. The cluster catalogue contains 13 clusters at redshifts 0.61 ≤z≤ 1.39 with luminosities 10 L*≲Ltot≲ 50 L*, corresponding to masses 5 × 1013Mcluster≲ 3 × 1014 M for (M/M)/(L/L) = 75 h. The measured sky surface density of ∼10 clusters deg−2 for high-redshift (z= 0.5–1.5), massive (> 1014 M) clusters is precisely in line with theoretical predictions presented by Kneissl et al.