High-z massive clusters as a test for dynamical coupled dark energy


E-mail: marco.baldi@universe-cluster.de


The recent detection by Jee et al. of the massive cluster XMMU J2235.3−2557 at a redshift z≈ 1.4, with an estimated mass M324= (6.4 ± 1.2) × 1014 M, has been claimed to be a possible challenge to the standard ΛCDM cosmological model. More specifically, the probability to detect such a cluster has been estimated to be ∼0.005 if a ΛCDM model with Gaussian initial conditions is assumed, resulting in a 3σ discrepancy from the standard cosmological model. In this Letter we propose to use high-redshift clusters as the one detected in Jee et al. to compare the cosmological constant scenario with interacting dark energy models. We show that coupled dark energy models, where an interaction is present between dark energy and cold dark matter, can significantly enhance the probability to observe very massive clusters at high redshift.