• galaxies: abundances;
  • galaxies: bulges;
  • galaxies: elliptical and lenticular, cD;
  • galaxies: spiral


We determine central values and radial trends in the stellar populations of the bulges of a sample of 28 edge-on S0–Sb disc galaxies, 22 of which are boxy/peanut-shaped (and therefore barred). Our principal findings are the following. (1) At a given velocity dispersion, the central stellar populations of galaxies with boxy/peanut-shaped bulges are indistinguishable from those of early-type (elliptical and S0) galaxies. Either secular evolution affects stellar populations no differently to monolithic collapse or mergers, or secular evolution is not important in the central regions of these galaxies, despite the fact that they are barred. (2) The radial metallicity gradients of boxy/peanut-shaped bulges are uncorrelated with velocity dispersion and are, on average, shallower than those of unbarred early-type galaxies. This is qualitatively consistent with chemodynamical models of bar formation, in which radial inflow and outflow smear out pre-existing gradients.