Sensory evaluation of salted trans fat-free french fries vs. salted trans fat french fries


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This sensory analysis study sought to determine consumer preferences of two fry oils and two types of french fries according to taste, texture and appearance characteristics. Specifically, the aim was to assess the acceptability of substituting trans fat-free french fries and oil while focusing on the possible change in sensory characteristics. The fries were salted for testing in order for consumers to consume a fry product similar to what they would receive in a restaurant. Overall, the 94 taste panelists preferred the trans fat-free fries to the regular version, and seemed to rate fries cooked in trans fat-free oils higher on overall appearance, color, initial taste impression, texture, taste intensity and quality. Based on these findings, the industry might consider using the trans fat-free versions of french fries and frying oils in order to reduce trans fats in foods and to lower heart disease in the American population.