Tender coconut water (TCW) is the sterile nutritious beverage that nature has provided. Due to the presence of biologically active nutrients, TCW possess beneficial effects in health and diseases. In the present study, effects of TCW on isoproterenol (ISO)-induced myocardial infarction in rats with respect to their antioxidant and antithrombotic effects have been investigated and were compared with that of streptokinase. Administration of ISO significantly decreased the activity of antioxidant enzymes and increased lipid peroxidation and blood coagulation. Oral pretreatment with TCW (4 mL/100 g/day for 30 days) and a single-dose (250 mg/100 g) intravenous post treatment with lyophilized TCW significantly reduced the oxidative stress induced by ISO and exerted significant antithrombotic effects. The results indicate that the TCW treatment had a better antioxidant effect than streptokinase, while its antithrombotic effects were comparable to that of streptokinase.


Tender coconut water is a common drink in all coconut producing countries. It is a rich source of biologically active components that are reported to possess many beneficial effects. Antioxidant and antithrombotic activities of tender coconut water in experimental myocardial infarction were evaluated. It was found that tender coconut water can reduce oxidative stress and thrombosis, which are the two main factors involved in the pathogenesis of myocardial infarction. Moreover treatment with coconut water seems to be more natural, less expensive and without any side effects. Thus, it provides an accessible medicine source for the treatment of coronary vascular diseases in developing countries. This result may provide some useful information for the further application of tender coconut water as a cardiotonic medicinal food.