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Paste samples were prepared by mixing 1:1 (w/w) proportion of ginger and garlic along with sodium chloride (1%). The pH of the paste was adjusted to 4.0, 4.5 and 5.4 by the addition of citric acid. Xanthan gum (2 g/L) and sodium benzoate (0.2 g/L) were added to the paste and then filled in retort pouches. The filled pouches were subjected to thermal processing at 85C with a holding time of 2 and 5 min at 80C at the centre of the paste. The color values a, and b (green and yellow) decreased, whereas the L (lightness) values increased with decrease in pH. Paste behaved like a non-Newtonian fluid, and exhibited shear-thinning behavior. Physicochemical and microbial properties did not show significant changes during storage. This study showed that ginger–garlic paste prepared in retort pouches is convenient because of its lighter weight, faster heating leading to better quality in terms of taste, color, and also environmentally acceptable.


Ginger and garlic have been considered as important traditional herbal medicines due to their disease prevention effects. Ginger–garlic paste is a viscous product retaining the strong aroma and flavor of the raw materials, namely, fresh ginger and garlic. Paste is mainly used as a spice in culinary preparations for imparting a characteristic fresh ginger–garlic flavor. The product is generally creamy white in color and is microbiologically stable and free from pathogenic bacteria. It is a ready to use preparation that can be used in place of fresh ginger in homes, restaurants and institutional catering. Although, few studies have been conducted on the physicochemical characteristics of ginger and garlic pastes, no information is available on combination of ginger–garlic paste in retort pouches. The development of new packing (retort pouches) for ginger–garlic with good nutritional and functional properties (such as the one proposed in this study) may be of interest in order to diversify the market supply. Therefore, retort pouch because of its lighter weight, and faster heating leads to better quality in terms of uniform cooking, taste and color and also it is environmentally acceptable.