The methylcellulose was mixed with chitosan as well as 4% of sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate to form a film. Investigations of the antimycotic activity of the film on Penicillium notatum and Rhodotorula rubra revealed that it possessed significant antifungal properties. At 25C, approximately 43–45% of the preservatives were released from the film to the glycerol-water mixture in the first 30 min. The maximum amount of preservative that could be released from the film at 25C was approximately 57–65%. At 4C, 38–39% of preservatives were released from the film within 30 min, and reached a maximum amount of 49% in approximately 6h. The FT-IR spectrum showed that the ionic interaction between -COO of preservatives and -NH3+ of chitosan existed in the film. However, the incorporation of preservatives did not affect the tensile strength and elongation property of the methylcellulose/chitosan film.