Glucose, galactose and lactose were added to two maltodextrins, 15 DE and 4 DE, to prepare six maltodextrins of different composition but with the same Dextrose Equivalent (25 DE). A commercial maltodextrin 25 DE was also studied as a reference. Trans-β-carotene was mixed with these maltodextrins and was spray-dried. Stability was evaluated during storage in air at 11 % and 33% RH, at 25C, 35C and 45C. No significant difference was observed between storage at 11 % and 33% RH. Oxidation kinetics showed a rapid first order oxidation, corresponding to surface carotene oxidation, followed by a slower first order kinetic, corresponding to the encapsulated carotene oxidation. Addition of mono and disaccharides to maltodextrins reduces pore size in the maltodextrin network and limits oxygen diffusion. the best preservation was obtained with maltodextrin ‘4 DE + Glucose’ which gave a carotene half-life of 87 weeks, at 25C.