For purposes of data analysis and data interpretation, it is important to have uniform representation of hue derived from the Hunter L, a, b color space. Using the standard calculation for hue [Arc tan (b/a)], positive signed results are generated for the first quadrant [+a, +b] only. The other quadrants should be handled so that a 360° representation is accommodated and results are expressed as positive signed numbers. Second quadrant [-a, +b] and third quadrant [−a, −b] calculations should be: hue = 180+Arc tan(b/a). Fourth quadrant [+a, −b] calculations should be: hue = 360+ Arc tan(b/a). Furthermore when planning statistical analysis of data which transverse the IV and I quadrant, tranformations of the data will continue increasing in hue angle from 361° on up as high as appropriate. A spreadsheet macro for achieving these results can be easily derived.