The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that less than 35% of daily calories be contributed from fat. In fried foods, up to 75% of calories can be from fat. This study was undertaken to determine if oil absorption during frying could be inhibited in breaded chicken patties that were coated with egg white solutions before frying. In two different bread crumb systems, two different types of egg dips (fresh and dried egg white) were utilized. Color, texture, processing factors, lipid and moisture measurements were taken. Samples coated with Japanese bread crumbs treated with dried egg white dips adjusted to pH 3, 5, and 7 reduced lipid content by 27%, 15%, and 20%, respectively, compared with the untreated control. The reduction in lipid content was accompanied by an increase in moisture retention. These results suggest that fried food dipped in dried egg white before frying could exhibit reduced oil content.

Practical Applications

Reducing the fat content of fried meat patties could provide lower fat alternatives to normal deep fried foods that still retain the desirable characteristics that full fat foods provide. This could help to battle the growing trend of obesity in the U.S.