This study was carried out to determine the effects of harvesting method and refrigerated storage on biochemical composition of Atlantic Bonito. Samples were fish caught with a surround trammel net and a drift net in the Middle Black Sea region by fisherman and were brought to the laboratory. Quality control analyses for soluble solid, protein, fat and ashes were performed. On the 10th day after refrigerated storage (4C), pH, total volatile base nitrogen (TVB-N), trimethylamine (TMA-N) and thiobarbituric acid (TBA) values were found in the drift net. In the fresh fish samples caught by surround trammel net and drift net, fat, proteins, soluble solids and ash contents were calculated.


The results of the proximate content of Atlantic bonito caught with a trammel net and drift net showed that fat contents were 5.76; protein contents were 20.35; dry matter contents were about 30.5% and ash contents was 1–1.2%. After 10 days of storage at 4C, pH, TVB-N, TMA-N and TBA values were 6.17, 34.46 mg/100 g, 7.34 mg/100 g and 7.72 mg malonaldehyde/kg, respectively, in the surround trammel net, and 5.98, 40.60 mg/100 g, 8.02 mg/100 g and 8.03 mg malonaldehyde/kg in the drift net, respectively. Based on these results, there were significant differences between surround trammel net fishing and drift net fishing in terms of meat quality.