The jaw movements and muscular activity of masticatory muscles of five assessors, having bitterness thresholds about 8 μM quinine in water, were monitored throughout chewing of similar strength gelatin gels containing 0, 40, 70 or 100 μM quinine. Gel bitterness ratings were not related to sensory texture which was 78kN/m2 by shear test. On average, 100 μM quinine gels were as bitter as 7 to 30 μM quinine in water, depending on the assessor. Chewing patterns were not affected by concentration of quinine in the gels. During mastication of acceptable gels, there appears to be no feedback from taste to the motor control of mastication. In gels of the same consistency and the same concentration of quinine, assessors who chewed more rated higher for bitterness. The implications for mimicking mastication by machine and the training of assessors for solid foods are discussed.