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Contribution of the Sensorial Evaluation of Velvet Fabric in Cosmetic Emulsions to the Sensorial Universe


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By associating materials of another universe with the product of yet another universe, cosmetic marketing teams wish to bring even more emotions and reinforce the interpretation of a sense by conveying the sensorial properties of a product with sensorial images contained in other product universes. This study aimed at characterizing sensorial descriptors of velvet fabrics so as to identify the descriptors relevant to cosmetic emulsions. A panel of 10 judges, expert in cosmetics, was therefore trained and qualified on velvet fabrics.

At the end of this study, the panelists were efficient on a structured scale, in which each descriptor was associated to a reference fabric. The product profiles of cosmetic emulsions were carried out around the velvet universe, thus demonstrating that most of the sensations expressed in a cosmetic product could be explained through the characteristics of velvets.

Practical Applications

The descriptors issued from the reference fabrics were relevant in distinguishing two cosmetic emulsions, thus suggesting that they could be used in the evaluation of other products. The results of this study could be used to define the technical specifications in the functional specifications of the new products being developed.