The binding quality of the heat set gel increased when F-actin was present in an appropriate ratio to myosin A. It increased further when tropomyosin was added to the myosin A/F-actin model system. The water holding capacity was increased by tropomyosin only. Thus, the contribution of not only myosin A but also of native tropomyosin and actin should be controlled in sausage manufacture. The presence of 0.6 M NaCl or KCl in the sol was necessary to produce high binding quality and high water holding capacity of heated myosin B gels. NaCl is preferred because of the taste effect on the meat product. Heating temperature (65, 80, or 90°CC) affected the physical properties of heated myosin B gels. The water holding capacity and the maximum relaxation time decreased with increasing temperature. In the manufacture of meat products, the heating temperature should be selected in accordance with the desired properties in the finished product.