• carrot;
  • cell size;
  • cell wall volume fraction;
  • confocal microscope;
  • failure;
  • fluorescence;
  • micro-structure;
  • plant tissue;
  • potato;
  • texture


This article presents the influence of cell size and cell wall volume fraction on the failure parameters of potato tuber and carrot tissue. Confocal scanning laser microscope was used for obtaining images of the cell structure of the tissues. The mean cell face area and the cell wall volume fraction obtained from the images was compared with work to failure, failure stress, failure strain and secant modulus obtained in a compression test of potato and carrot tissue at two strain rates. Bigger cells and less amount of cell wall material weakened the tissue, which was visible as a linear decrease in the parameters: work to failure, failure stress and failure strain. There were differences between potato and carrot in the secant modulus. For carrot, the secant modulus changed with microstructural parameters, whereas for potato, the secant modulus did not depend on these values. The strain rate decreases all the failure properties for potato. For carrot, only the work to failure was affected by the strain rate.