Transmissivity in the Geothermal Euganean Basin: A Geostatistical Analysis



This paper presents a geostatistical analysis of transmissivity in the Euganean geothermal field (northeast Italy). Few transmissivity values are known while specific capacity values are more common. However, transmissivity is more important than specific capacity in the characterization of aquifers. In this work, therefore, after a simple statistical analysis, an empirical relation with a high determination coefficient (r2= 0.95) is found between the above values. Subsequently, In T structural characteristics of the variable are studied by variogram analysis, identifying a second-order pseudostationarity and two geometrical anisotropies. The second-order pseudostationarity and the variogram fit allow a linear kriging procedure to be used to produce a map of transmissivity and kriging standard deviation of the Euganean geothermal field. The fit between geostatistical and hydrogeological analyses shows that a geostatistical approach is useful for both mapping purposes and hydrogeological interpretation.