This article corrects:

  1. Screening of One-Well Hydraulic Barrier Design Alternatives Volume 46, Issue 5, 743–754, Article first published online: 8 February 2008

In the paper “Screening of One-Well Hydraulic Barrier Design Alternatives” by Hillel Rubin, Christine A. Shoemaker, and Jürgen Köngeter (this issue), a calculation error introduced errors into Table 3, and Figures 4 and 6.

In the second paragraph of the section “Application of the method to the CPA”, the corrected values for q and Qw are included in the revised text below:

Figure 4 implies q = 1.905. This value leads to pumping well discharge of Qw= 95 m3/h, which is considerably smaller than Qwmax of Table 2 and smaller than the previous pumping rate of each of the two abandoned wells of the CPA.”

Also, the remediation time given in the second to last sentence in this section should be changed, as follows:

“According to this line, the minimum remediation time of the CAP (of achieving SnB/Sn0= 10−3) is about t = 153 dimensionless units, namely 79 years, as given by Table 3.”

The complete list of parameter values for applying the method to the Coastal Plain Aquifer (CPA) in Israel is given in the new version of Table 3 included here. Corrected versions of Figures 4 and 6 are also included here.

Furthermore, citations included at the end of the paper should be updated as follows:

Rubin, H., S. Yaniv, M. Spiller and J. Köngeter. 2008a. Parameters that control the cleanup of fractured permeable aquifers. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 96, 128–149.

Rubin, H., C.A. Shoemaker, and J. Köngeter. Implementing a method of screening hydraulic barrier design alternatives [Methods Note]. Ground Water. In revision

Table 3. 
Characteristics of the Hydraulic Barrier Based on Using a Single Pumping Well
Step/QuantitySymbolValueApplied Equations
Step I – no dispersion effects  
Dimensionless distance of the wellA02.5
Original coordinates of point PXP, YP−2.5, 0.5
Dimensionless pumping dischargeq01.07Equation 26
Step II – considering contaminant dispersion 
Dimensionless dispersivitya6.7 × 10−3a = aT /B
Step IIIb According to Figure 4A2.5 
Dimensional position of point PL375 mL = AB
Dimensional pumping well dischargeQw95 m3/hrQw = q qnfB Baq
Step IV – Minimum time period for remediation (Kfo = 64.8 >> 10) 
Dimensionless values at upstream boundary of Subarea IΦu−2.784Supplementary material, equation 57a
Dimensionless values at downstream boundary of Subarea IΦd−0.199Supplementary material, equation 57b
Dimensionless average bulk velocityVB1.239Supplementary material, equation 60
Dimensionless remediation timetf153Equation 20
Dimensional remediation timeTf79 yearsTf=tf B / U
  • image(4)

[ Inflexible well position (location) of the hydraulic barrier pumping well: Values of a versus A for various values of q. ]

  • image(6)

[ The decrease of SnB/Sn0 versus time according to the analytical (ß2= 1) and numerical integration (ß2= 2/3) solutions (example referring to the CPA with several values of Kfo). AN = analytical solution, NU = numerical solution. ]