A Computer Program for Flow-Log Analysis of Single Holes (FLASH)


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U.S. Geological Survey, Office of Groundwater, Branch of Geophysics, 11 Sherman Place, Unit 5015, Storrs, CT 06269; (860) 487-7402 ext. 21; fax: (860) 487-8802; daylewis@usgs.gov


A new computer program, FLASH (Flow-Log Analysis of Single Holes), is presented for the analysis of borehole vertical flow logs. The code is based on an analytical solution for steady-state multilayer radial flow to a borehole. The code includes options for (1) discrete fractures and (2) multilayer aquifers. Given vertical flow profiles collected under both ambient and stressed (pumping or injection) conditions, the user can estimate fracture (or layer) transmissivities and far-field hydraulic heads. FLASH is coded in Microsoft Excel5 with Visual Basic for Applications routines. The code supports manual and automated model calibration.