Borchardt et al. 2010. Norovirus Outbreak Caused by a New Septic System in a Dolomite Aquifer. Ground Water 49(1): 85–97.

In the case study article “Norovirus outbreak caused by a new septic system in a dolomite aquifer” by Borchardt et al. (2010) we wish to clarify the location of a leak in the septic system. On page 93, first sentence of the second paragraph, it is stated that “…the second settling tank just upstream from the dosing tank was leaking.” We should have been more precise in this sentence that the leak was not in the settling tank itself but instead was due to a fault in the piping just upstream of the tank. The location of the leak should be clear from the statements in the rest of the paragraph on page 93. We note that this does not change any of the findings or conclusion of our paper.

The manufacturer of the settling tank asked the authors to make this clarification.