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ACCI Memorial Paper: The Scholarly Legacy of E. Scott Maynes


  • This paper is the first American Council on Consumer Interests Memorial Paper, honoring a deceased ACCI member who has made important research and educational contributions to the field of consumer studies by reviewing the individual's scholarly contributions and assessing how his or her contributions inform future research. The author is indebted to Keith Bryant for his insightful comments on a first, not very good, version of this paper. His comments helped refocus the paper leading to a much better reflection on Scott's legacy as a scholar. Comments on the second version of the paper by Brenda Cude and Cathleen Zick were greatly appreciated. Encouragement and comments throughout the writing process by the author's wife, Carol, were invaluable.


This paper honors E. Scott Maynes, who died on June 24, 2007 and had been a professor emeritus in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University. The paper describes Scott's scholarly legacy in research, highlighting four areas: survey research methods, research using data from Surveys of Consumer Finances, Scott's studies of local consumer markets, and two significant books Scott Maynes authored. The author of this memorial paper concludes that Scott's scholarly legacy is neither a new theory nor a new statistical technique but the importance of vision, passion, perseverance, commitment, and creativity for the applied social science researcher.