Parental Communication Style's Impact on Children's Attitudes Toward Obesity and Food Advertising


  • The author thanks his teachers, Karen King, Len Reid, Spencer Tinkham, and Dean Krugman, for everything they did for him while he was enrolled at the Grady College, University of Georgia.


There have been numerous discussions about what factors influence children's obesity level and their attitudes toward advertising. Among many possible factors, parental influence cannot be ignored, because children (7–12 years old) generally spend more time with their parents than with anybody else. This study investigates the possible influences of parental communication styles/patterns while watching TV with their children on their children's obesity level (body mass index) as well as parental influence's effect on children's attitudes toward TV snack/fast-food ads. The results reveal that parental communication styles/patterns significantly influence children's obesity level and their attitude toward TV snack/fast-food ads.