Patient Power: The Free-Enterprise Approach to the U.S. Health Care Problem


  • John C. Goodman,

    1. is President of the National Center for Policy Analysis, in Dallas, Texas, a non-profit group working to implement the Patient Power Plan. In 1988, Goodman won the prestigious Duncan Black Award for the best scholarly article on public choice economics.
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  • Gelard L. Musgrave

    1. is President of Economics America, Inc., in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Musgrave is the chairman of the Health Economics Roundtable of the National Association of Business Economists. He is the author or co-author of over seventy publications, and has written widely on health care.
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Giving people choices in health care and instilling cost-consciousness is plain old common sense. In Medical Savings Accounts, authors Goodman and Musgrave have hit upon a bold concept that may revolutionize the way health care is delivered throughout America.