International Students At An American University: Health Problems And Status



Eighty-eight international students enrolled at the University of Toledo were surveyed in order to ascertain their health care needs since arriving at the university. This study of the health status of international students indicated that the four leading problems experienced since arriving at the university were fatigue, homesickness, headaches and colds. Fatigue and colds were more commonly reported by students from Latin America than those from Asia or the Middle East.

Both community health services and the university health service are not used by a majority of international students. Friends and the telephone book yellow pages arc the most commonly used sources for finding a physician if one becomes sick. The drug store was indicated as being the place the international students would go for medicine if they became sick.

The findings of this study suggest that international students must be oriented to the health services available in the community and at the university health service. A health education program needs to be conducted to inform these students about personal health practices and available services.